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Hi everyone! I just thought I'd start the new State forums off with an introduction thread. Please feel free to reply to this thread if you wish. Otherwise, feel free to start a new topic if you wish to discuss other topics... Read More

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    Quote from ctucker
    Hey all I am from south arkansas almost lousisanna. I have been a nurse for 6 years graduated form SAU magnolia for my ADN and then UAMS in little rock for by BSN.
    i thought about applying to SAU if I dont get accepted to UAlr or Baptist. How is their program?
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    Just thought the Arkansas post needed a boost. So if you are from Arkansas I just wanted to tell you HOWDEE.
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    Howdeeee!!! lol. I used to live in Fort Smith for 10 years. I have family who live in Plumerville (between Conway and Morrilton). I now live in VA.

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    Hope I'm ready for NCLEX, I moved my date up from July 7th to June 27th, keep me in your prayers everybody.
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    Hey everybody! I am a LPN, worked for Baptist last 4 years, just started on my ASN/RN with excelsior. I know a few RN's who have gone through the program and done really well. Have 2 kids and work full time, just don't have the time and schedule available to go to school around here. I went to school at Baptist, it was a good school, but lots of politics. I work on a med/surg floor...mostly post-surgery patients and I love it. If any of you have gone through excelsior, let me know about your experiences!

    GO HOGS!!!
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    I didn't go thru the excelsior program but I have a friend that did and she's doing fine! Best of luck to ya!:studyowl:
    Just want to add that Baptist was wonderful when I had my youngest son 6 weeks early (34 wk gestation). I was rushed down from northern AR dx'd with the HELLP sydrome. We had a good outcome with everything that was going on!!! Whew...I think they saved us both! Can't say enough good things about Baptist from a patient perspective, wouldn't mind working there if I didn't live 150 miles away (one direction).
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    I liked that sentiment....I used to work in geriatrics in Searcy and I worked Home Health for years. That time of keeping the elderly in their homes and happy was the best time of my life. I never quite learned not to take it hard when they died. So Kandee...you still doing geriatrics? TAKE CARE OF YOUR BACK
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    Aloha, ya'll!
    I'm an Arkansas native (anyone heard of Van Buren County?). I've moved around a lot, been in Hawaii for about 2 years. Haven't lived in Arkansas since 92, but my folks are getting older and I'm thinking about going back.
    Anyway I'm enjoying reading the forums and getting some idea of what i'm getting into.
    Most importantly, I am still a Razorbacks fan...and VERY disappointed in their performance in the 1st round :smackingf
    (sigh) Maybe next year!
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    Haven't lived in Arkansas since 92, but my folks are getting older and I'm thinking about going back

    Yeah, that makes a big difference, having aging folks. Mine are both dead. Two of my brothers have died while I've been living in England. Relatives so far away can be a hairy situation. My son still lives in Ar. SOOOOIE!
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    I lived in Fort Smith for over 10 years. We moved back to Va 3 years ago. My parents live in Plumerville Ar which is about 60 minutes away from Little Rock.

    Wendy LPN

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