Where to buy scrubs in central Arkansas? Where to buy scrubs in central Arkansas? | allnurses

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Where to buy scrubs in central Arkansas?

  1. 0 Grrrrr. I LOVE Dilly scrubs, but I guess they quit making them- I can't even find them online anymore! Someone told me to try Dickie, but I can't find them anywhere! I could order them online, but would at least like to try on before I commit, because it's a real pain to return if they don't fit when you buy online! Now I don't even care about the brand - just give me any store that has a selection!

    So far I have tried: Crestview Scrubs in both Little Rock and Jacksonville (NO selection), County Medical in Sherwood (nothing in the store bigger than Medium the day I went!) and the uniform store in Park Plaza mall (too expensive).

    So where do ya'll buy 'em if you don't order online?
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    griffy's, or online at freeuniforms.com
    i personally like landau myself, cost a little bit more but great quality
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    there is a place on john barrow called mary's uniforms...i've never been there only hear a/b it...and there is a place on rodney parhan in the breckenridge shopping center called scrubs...good luck...btw both of these are in lr!