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I was just wondering what departments everyone works in and what certifications they have...:cool:... Read More

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    I am an RN in ICU in a small south AR hospital. I have been an RN since 1996 after being an LPN for four years. I am currently working toward my BSN. Right now I am taking my last prerequisite for the UAMS fast track--Statistics--UGH!!

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    Marcicatherine, what ER do you work in?
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    I work in Med Surg also. Just went back to work in Hospital. Have worked in Long Term Care for 4 years as Charge Nurse. I have also done MDS/Care Plan Cordinator. And I also worked agency which gave me lots of experience in psych, correctional and peds...
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    Thanks for asking duckboy. I work in Fort Smith. We have a 31 bed ER that is ran by 4 floor nurses and a teamleader, 2 techs (3 if we are lucky) and 2 docs. Need a job? Love to have ya! LOL
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    I started out my medical career in Ft. Smith at Sparks in 1981 as a EMT, when there were hardly any medics in the whole state. I left there, ended up in Utah, Texas, South Carolina, now back in AR, northcentral AR, in the mountains.... love it! I worked a total of 10 years as a paramedic, mostly in SC. Went to RN school and have worked in MICU, CCU, and LTC.
    Last time I was in Ft. Smith was for a 20 yr high school reunion and couldn't believe how much it had grown. I will stick to the small "Mayberry RFD" town from now on... had enough of the big places. Like it up here where the air is clean, lakes are clear, and crime is low!
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    I am a LPN. I work of OB in a small hospital in the river valley.
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    RN graduated with a BSN in 1997 from UCA. I am an L&D nurse in "a large teaching facility" in Central Arkansas.

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