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anyone going to UCA or graduated from there? i`m looking to tranfer in fall `08 from California, and was wondering how competitive it is. also wondering about out of state acceptance and GPA? any... Read More

  1. by   dontknowwhen
    I came to AR for a change of scenery. I have a lot of family here too. You actually get four seasons here. What about you, why are you coming to Arkansas?

    I don't know if or how the admissions process will change. There isn't any info on the website about the upcoming BSN program. Maybe you could call the department of nursing and get some info.

    Click on Traditional RN Program.
  2. by   missnida
    I'm headed to Arknasas because my fiance is stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base! But I'm also ready for a change of scenery. I'm really excited to move out there! Well i called them yesterday and they said you have to have already completed your RN. Thanks for the info though!
  3. by   papergirlRN

    I'm a senior student at UALR, also. Yes, UALR is trying to go to a BSN program, but as far as we've heard, approval is pending. Also, there is a list of prerequisites floating about, but that list has not been approved, either.

    Your best bet is to call the department of nursing and have them send you a packet and ask them to include the list of prereq's for the BSN program that is pending approval.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Jo Dirt
    I grew up in Conway and left when I turned 20. 12 years later I can't believe the change Conway has gone through and I don't necessarily think for the better. The town has been eaten alive with shopping malls and the streets have been rearranged until I can't even find my way around anymore. I've often thought if it wasn't for the old man I'd try to buy me a place on Beaverfork Lake because surely they won't fill in the lake and develop that but I imagine my ever moving back to Conway is just a pipe dream.
  5. by   NewPICURN
    I'm at UCA right now doing pre-reqs. I know it's a great program and I like the fact that the class size is so small. The new class every year is right around 45 and usually drops off to 20s by the senior year.
  6. by   MKSG
    I graduated from UCA in 2005 and when I went there they only accepted 50 people, now they have increased it(I'm not sure how much); but when I got in it was extremely competitive, but definitely worth it. They are very respected in Arkansas, and give you a great education in nursing. The professors are great and very knowledgeable. Give it a chance and see what happens. They are always making improvements and upgrades to the UCA campus. Good luck to you.
  7. by   NewPICURN
    I posted earlier that they accept 45 or so, but I heard recently that they are accepting around 80 or so. I also talked to my advisor the other day and she said that for Fall 08 it looks like there are less applicants than last year, so if you applied you have better chances than the transfer students did last year! Hope this gives you some encouragement!