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Looks like the UAMS deadline is fast approaching, looking to see who all waiting to find out status for starting the BSN program summer 2010. Good luck to all awaiting.... Read More

  1. by   proctack3
    I completed my fafsa right after I completed my taxes this year. I haven't received an acceptance letter from UAMS but I received financial aid award amounts?? I read on the site that you could apply to the programs but will not be rewarded until you are actually accepted. Today is Saturday so I can't call the school. I will call on Monday morning but can anyone shed some light on this if you know anything about the rewarding/acceptance process.

  2. by   acarson1
    beau what's you name I got accepted too.
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  3. by   The Professional
    It's probably a little bit late for most of you, but UAMS sent out 15 letters on April 8th. I'm not sure what cumulative GPA they're for, but it seems that, aside from those who don't finish their classes for conditional admission, there won't be many more accepted.
  4. by   Mh2011
    Hi everyone, I just finished my first year

    Congratulations on your acceptance!
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  5. by   The Professional
    any advice for 1st-year students?
  6. by   Mh2011
    -Stay organized
    -Check your email often
    -Know your APA citation
    -It iS possible to get by without books after the first semester. You have ATI books, powerpoints, class notes anyways.
    -Take the ATI exams seriously. I know several people who pass the class and then not pass the ATI exam--then they have to remediate the next Summer.
    -Don't let instructors intimidate you (Most are wonderful anyway, though!)
    -If you don't have one already, now is to time to grow that thick skin
    -Watch what you say, anyone can be listening.
    -Keep the big picture in mind, it helps during times of frustration
  7. by   booklovinrn
    Mh2011 gave some really good advice. I am also finishing up my first year and I would add be very flexible. Your schedule will be crazy and could change. Also if you have children where you need day care make sure you have a very dependable situation with back ups. Missing class/clinicals especially the first summer is not an option.
    Good luck and try to enjoy!
  8. by   The Professional
    That you very much for the advice! T-minus: 16 days!
  9. by   Mh2011
    Oh, I forgot to mention--

    If you plan to buy books once the specialty rotations begin (Peds/OB/Psych,) you might want to find a person from each of the other two rotations that are buying as well. Then you can trade them for each rotation.

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