Ualr or baptist??

  1. Hey, I applied for both programs and hope to find out soon If I made it in. Can someone tell me what you like And dislike about each school?Thanks!!!
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  3. by   Megsmom8
    You've probably made your choice by now. I attended LPN at Baptist and can only tell you from that standpoint. They are strict with rules but if you can follow rules, no problem. I would always get there an hour early because of traffic and if it was test morning and an accident made you late, you better hope nobody finished their test yet and left the room, or you were out of luck for that test. I liked almost every teacher, some were good with analytical questions. I felt that the training and the clinicals prepared me well for the workplace. I recommend the school personally.

    I am doing my LPN to RN fast track online through U of A Community College at Batesville. I have to travel onsite for clinicals of course. Although I have been accepted at Baptist I am choosing this other school recommended from a fellow student because it starts and ends at the same time, I can get an Associates Degree as opposed to a certificate from Baptist, Baptist is 8-5 hours which conflicts with children's pick up times from school, and I have this fellow LPN to travel together to clinicals with.

    I think choosing a school will depend on your particular situation. UALR I know is 2-3 days a week and Baptist is 4-5 days. Weighing your pros and cons helps clarify what is best for you and your family. Don't sweat it!

  4. by   maxamillion
    You want a college degree or a diploma?