Ualr nursing program applicant 2017 - page 6

Hi, I just wanted to start a conversation for the 2017 nursing applicants at Ualr. It's a long wait until April. We can keep each other updated during the wait.... Read More

  1. by   rosagol
    Quote from miahj90
    it depends on your budget. They have some nice apartments in West Little Rock @ rosagol
    I have between 250-400 dollars per month. Do you know a website I can go to to look
  2. by   maddiegrace98
    Quote from miahj90
    it depends on your budget. They have some nice apartments in West Little Rock @ rosagol
    I am out of state. So I'm also looking! Does anybody know if Chenal Point at the divide is a good apartment community? I'm really wanting a complex that is gated and in a good part of town.
  3. by   miahj90
    @maddie I had to google that one. Those apartments are FAR from UALR. You'll probably eventually hate that drive. Especially if you're getting out of class during rush hour. Its by a Walmart and some more stores. I have never heard of any crime out that way.
  4. by   miahj90
    @rose I would look on apartment guide but they all start around 600 + I will tell you that if you want to pay $250 to $400 a month you're going to find an apartment in a ROUGH part of the city. Your best bet is to probably find a roommate.
  5. by   rosagol
    I truely wouldn't mind a roommate especially in nursing
  6. by   zdubya
    Congrats everyone. I was accepted into the LPN-RN program. I was surprised that we found out so soon!
  7. by   Mehightower
    When are they gonna send out some more letters?!!! I can not wait any longer!
  8. by   miahj90
    @zrubys Congratulations!!!!
  9. by   miahj90
    @mehightower I have no idea. I've come to the conclusion that I'm either wait listed or rejected .
  10. by   maddiegrace98
    I was given given until the 29th to either reject or accept my position into the program. So, I'm guessing they will start sending out more emails after the 29th!
  11. by   Whouston
    Hi Zdubya, I to was accepted into the LPN to RN. Maybe we can link up in school. I am a nervous wreck. Do you have a Facebook page?
  12. by   nessp1276
    Applied back in January for Traditional will have all prerequisites done end of this semester. Praying I get some good news soon!!!
  13. by   Shack1922
    Hello all!!! Hopefully we will hear something soon. The anxiety is growing!!!

    Good Luck!