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    Are there any people here applying for the Fall 2010 ASN Nursing Program at the University of Arkansas Little Rock (UALR)? I sent in my application a few weeks back. Hopefully I am accepted.

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    I am looking to transfer there out of state. Will you be working while in the program?
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    If I am accepted, I do not plan on working. If you "must" work, I suggest not working full-time.
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    If I do it will certainly be part-time.
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    I hope you get in! I believe they are sending letters toward the end of March.
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    Hey! I received my letter last week. I'm officially in. I called the dept. today. Let me know what you here.
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    When did you take your HESI?
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    Thanks! I took the HESI in December 2009 (Dallas, Tx). Have you applied?
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    I received a phone call and a letter. I receved a letter stating I was admitted with conditions. I need to take the admissions test.
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    Cool. Let me know if you need the study guide for the HESI. It's not that bad of a test. This is the first year that UALR is using HESI, so I do not think they are going to judge your admission based on your scores. Obviously, you want to do average, but don't stress out. Here is my email if you have questions: ag.wade (at) gmail (dot) com

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