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RN pay in NW Arkansas

  1. 0 Iam an RN moving from dallas to NWA, i have 10 yrs with medical surgical nurse

    can anyone pl tell me the RN base pay/ shift diff in NWA hospitals, and how much i can expect, any sign in bonus/ relocation I can expect, which is the good one to work , not only pay but overall working conditions

    replies are greatly appreciated
    thanks in advance
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    I would stay away from northwest. They pay higher but staffing is horrible! I've heard horror stories from nurses, cnas, and former patients about the dangerous staffing practices and lack of support from leadership. Im thinking the pay will be a lot less than what you're use to in dallas due to a lower cost of living here but it sounds like with your experience that it might not be to bad. We have several nursing schools in the area and have been having to hire a lot of new grads recently but again it sounds like your 10 years experience will be a edge! Nwa is beautiful and I love living here, hope the move goes well and happy job hunting!
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    Just saw this in a local classifieds ad: Washington Regional Medical Center Join our team. The following positions are available: Fantastic Opportunity For Experienced RNs in our Registry, 7a-7p and 7p-7a, $35 per hour, Weekend/Night Shift Differential of 18% apply.

    Besides that, the only other thing I know is that Northwest Health System in Bentonville starts RNs with no experience at about $17/hr.
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    I don't know where that add came from but I live in Ar and can tell u that Washington regional does not start their nurses at $35/hr . Bases start around 18.50 + for experience
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    Actually, most registry positions around NWA are around $35 an hour. There are also a couple of PRN agencies that pay this. But, these jobs do not come with benefits.

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