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RN pay in AR-what can I expect to make? - page 2

Hello all, Moving to NE/NC AR in July '06 from SoCal/OC. I know to expect a lower pay than what I make in CA but not sure how much. (I have 10 yrs RN experience, a BSN and mostly have worked ER,... Read More

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    in the little rock area there are several large hospitals and in hot springs there is a large va hospital...any of these can be accessed from the hiway system with little trouble...housing is cheaper in the country..
    however the hot springs/jones mill area the house prices are suppose to be higher than anywhere else in state
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    Most jobs are in Ft Smith, Fayetteville, and Little Rock. Avg pay for LPN is $13 hr. Avg for RN is $25 hr. I know a few RN's that make about $30 hr in a specialty area. A few LPN's make $16-$17 doing hospice.

    There is a state income tax. Low property taxes offset this. Real estate is reasonable.
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    I live in North Central Ar, and the New Grad RN pay starts out at $17.85 hr. I do not know where it goes from there. Good Luck. I love AR. myself.
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    Quote from military spouse
    Would love to hear about your transition to AR! I grew up in Fullerton, followed military hubby for 20 years, now looking for a reasonable COL with inexpensive houses! My sister bought a $569,000 50 year-old rancher in Placentia, close to Kramer. Crazy!:spin:
    Wow! I grew up in Fullerton also! My husband and I moved to Arkansas Last year. And I know exactly where Kramer st. is. Placentia is a nice city and 569,000 really isnt too bad for a beautiful Ranch style house. Did you end up moving here to Arkansas??

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