How hard is it to get into UAMS? How hard is it to get into UAMS? | allnurses

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How hard is it to get into UAMS?

  1. 0 As I have mentioned earlier we are planning to move to Cabot and I'm going to start on my prereqs. I am then planning on going to UAMS to get a BSN. I was wondering if anyone knew how hard it is to get into? What GPA do I realistally need? Is there a waiting list? I'm trying to plan out a time line and this info would be really helpful.
    Thanks for all your help.
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    I just graduated from UAMS and was discussing this with an instructor a few weeks ago. She said they usually have around 300 applicants and admit roughly 110. It is determined strictly by GPA and everyone in our class had a 3.0 or higher.
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    Is this the cummulative gpa or the nursing pre reqs?
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    Cummulative, you can retake courses and use the higher grade though.