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FNP job hunt

  1. 0 Attempting to find a job in South Arkansas as a Family Nurse Practitioner and not having much luck! Does anyone know of anything, please let me know!! I worked hard to achieve this and now am stuck in the same place I have been for years. I love where I work, but would like be able to use my hard earned degree. Thanks in advance!
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    South Arkansas, eh? The last time I drove through El Dorado I bet I saw three FNP clinics as stand alones. Then there's the VA clinic there that has FNP or NPs of some type. There's also a private medical group that employs a couple. Try state employment with a county health unit or DHS or something. I've often wondered what FNPs do when they finish school.
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    Yes, there are several clinics that employee NP's but are not looking for more at this time. AHEC is not hiring either. The state health dept doesn't have any openings either! The closest thing that I have been able to apply for is over an hour away and I can't move at this time due to family obligations.
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    How about approaching FP doctors with a business proposition? Thought about teaching?
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    I am teaching as adjunct faculty at SAU. Most of the local MD's are in the same clinic and many are opposed to the idea of NPs. That makes it very difficult.

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