1. Hi everyone,
    I am in an interesting situation. I already have my Bachelor's degree In health/wellness, and have an associates degree in Dental Hygiene...but am wanting to go to Nursing School- I want to be able to help the whole person, and feel that I jumped into DH before really thinking it through-great field, not my dream job- but that's another discussion- what do you think my next step should be?? I see that ASU has an ABSN program that takes one year to complete. I also see that a few schools have the traditional BSN degree (Arkansas Tech U, UAMS). I want to get my BSN to be able to specialize or advance if I ever wanted to in the future-- My question is, what would you do? I hear good and bad for ABSN- It sounds great, but I also want to be able to stay sane! Any advice would be great!! Also, if anyone has attended any of the schools, I'd love to hear from you!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Some have reported that they had to leave ABSN programs because they could not keep up with the fast pace. I would try to find some students at the programs you are considering and talk to them to find out more. If you have any doubts about whether you can cope with the material being thrown at you fast, you should opt for the traditional program. Success is what you are seeking, so go with the program that you think will give you the better chance for success.
  4. by   HealthNut12
    Thanks for the reply- I'm still searching for students who have gone through the ABSN program at ASU!