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    I am planning on starting the LPN program in July '10! I was wondering what the attire for class is? I figured I could wear scrubs but I didnt know if it was like many hospitals that require solid colors or a specific color. Also I will be planning on the accelerated RN track in Januray '12, so will the attire be the same for both.

    I just want to be prepared for whatever is expected.
    Thanks in advance for any responses!

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    We're required to wear scrubs to labs and clinicals, but not class. The color of the scrubs are specific to our school (we have to wear true red, but there are other nursing students from other schools at the hospital and they have white on top, navy on the bottom). I'm sure they will tell you what to wear. I just wear jeans and a sweater to class, or whatever I happen to be wearing that day.
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    is that just the LPN's that wear Red, or is it the entire baptist school?
    and are you going through the LPN program right now?
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    sorry, I'm not at a baptist school, just a public nursing school. All the nursing students from our school wear the same color scrubs, no matter what program they are in. I just figure most programs have similar uniform requirements! Sorry if I was no help at all
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    Hello, my name is Erika & I plan on going through the LPN program at Baptist in July also. I also want to bridge through them in January 2012....So excited & nervous.
    Have you already been accepted? Or are you waiting to hear back from them? I was pretty excited about not having to take the NET test. I can't believe they don't require it anymore.
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    No you did help out thanks!

    Really? that is excitng I was hoping I would fine people on here that I would eventually see in class.

    I was accepted as an alternate in the January class but I told them that I wanted to start in July instead. SO i have to go thru the selection commitee again I am kinda nervous! But Ms. Janelle (who is the director over the LPN program) talked to me and she knows my plans. I am taking all my prereqs this semester so I will be fully prepared for the school and have nothing but nursing to focus on! I am super excited and can't wait till I am graduating RN school!

    It is so nice to meet you and I can't wait to actually meet you!
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    Nice to meet you also! I haven't got my acceptance letter yet, but I check the mailbox everyday in hopes that it's there! haha! I really wanted to start in Jan. but starting in July is much better for me as well. And yes, Ms. Janelle is very helpful! I don't plan on stopping until I reach my goal of becoming an RN! I'm so excited! I know it's going to be a long hard road, but it will be totally worth it in the end!
    Are you a CNA? Or are you already working in the medical field?
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    No I am not already working in the medical field, however it is my calling and I was just ignoring it!

    However, my entire family is somehow in the medical field; nurse, doctors, on the medivac unit. It comes so naturally to me so why not do something I enjoy, and of course being able to work 3...12 hour shifts at a hospital and then have 5 days off isn't a bad idea either! lol

    We must keep in touch on here!
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    Yes, lets keep in touch please!!! I see that you have a little boy. I also have a little girl who will be 9 months in about a week. I have a really good supports system at home, & I want to go ahead and finish school before my little one is school age.
    It's very nice talking to you, can't wait to meet you! Keep in touch, & I will do the same!
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    That's crazy how close in age they are! I do have a great support system as well, my boyfriend of 3 years is so excited that I am finally going back. My mom is a nurse and she is really happy for me to go back. She is willing to help me out as much as she can. I am so ready to start and to finish!
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