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Am I the first?

  1. 0 Hello Arkansas! The best place in the world to work. How bout them Hogs!:chuckle
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    hello Arkansas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant believe there r no more posts here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I am really excited. I start college next year and am going to become a registered nurse. If you have any pointers to help me go through college I'd love to hear them.

    Little RN wanna be
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    Where is the best palce in Arkansas to work?
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    uams is excellent. baptist is excellent. st.vincents is good.

    you will find many who have differing opinions about all of them.
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    The Heart Hospital is good. The Surgical Hospital is good. Conway is good. Pinnacle Pointe is good. The Methodist Behavioral Hospital is good.

    I just favor UAMS because they have tuition discounts and they match up to 10% for retirement, starting immediately after hire, and you're vested after 6 mo. Not to mention the discount at Wendy's and Backyard Burgers.:chuckle

    Since I have everyone's attention I do not recommend new grads for ICU, Bone Marrow Transplant, or Liver Transplant, and I would exercise caution even on the Medical Oncology floor. UAMS is the trauma center for the state, and the other floors routinely handle patients who would be in the ICU anywhere else. I am orienting my 3rd new grad in less than a year. One was fine, the second would be great in med-surg, and the third is a moron who refuses to be taught. (She didn't know how much to draw up to give 1 mg of a 2mg/cc vial.)

    Enough hostility for now.

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