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Hi everyone, Does anybody know anything about the seasonal positions in Yuma? I looks like they can run up to 9 months (website info) and the housing looks great. Would love to hear from someone that works there or has had a... Read More

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    Quote from a21chdchic
    I am a former employee of Yuma Regional Medical Center. I quit a year and a half ago. The benefits are not bad. They treat travelers well, usually better than they treat regular staff. Being in a small town, they are very similar to other small town hospitals, ex: very clicky. (I know that's not the proper spelling) If you're clicky, you'll like it just fine. If not, you probably won't. I left there, and am currently working at the Not-for-Profit hospice organization. I love it. Actually, the pay in Yuma is better than it is in Phoenix or in other places in the state. If you're looking for night life you won't find it in Yuma, go to San Diego or Phoenix for a little culture. But overall, Yuma is a nice community. I've been here for 3 years and love it. It's small at times, but too big at other times. For more info, you can catch me at yahoo.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences! I grew up in Yuma, got married and started nrsg school in the east. I think I am ready to go back to my sick mother. I just spoke to a recruiter at YRMC and might take a job there.
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    Glad to see a Yuma seaonal RN on this site! Husband and I thinking of moving the entire family down there for the winter and hoping to find a Spanish/Bilingual nanny to help with our 3 children. Eager to work with Spanish speaking patients and families....I believe this is the best way to learn another language. Any advice on this matter? Was also wondering who paid more? A travel positition vs a seasonal position with the hospital? Any perks I should be aware of? Thanks so much!! Angie
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    Finally found someone who worked a YRMC. I'm finding mixed reviews so far, but mostly positive. Any information on the ICU's? Really interested in the language barrier? Trying to learn Spanish right now. Will I need to be bilingual to work there? Are most of the patients spanish speaking? How bout the rest of the staff?
    Do they even take "traveling nurses" or are all the positions "seasonal positions" offered by the hospital with housing?
    Thanks much,

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