Yuma Regional Medical Center @ New Grad RN intern 2012

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    anyone here plan to relocate to yuma regional medical center @ new grad rn intern in 2012. let's joy and have fun!

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    Did you apply for the Intern Postition in the ED? Have you been selected already? I applied, but that is as far as I got so far.
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    Hi patientlywaiting2008, when did you apply? I applied on next month, and have been on interview process.
    Anyway, please don't lose your hope. I believe there will be next new grad cohort again.

    Touch base!
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    I applied toward the end of June! How long did it take them to get back to you? When is your start date? Do you know what department you will be going into? Sorry for all the questions, but it has been difficult to find out additional information about the program. Thanks for any info you can provide
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    I understand how you feel. They got back to me and selectees last week. I am looking forward to hearing from them for further instruction. The new grad intern position doesn't specify in particular like the last cohort I guess (last cohort was ED). I am fine for your questions. If you don't mind, please tell me a bit about yourself regarding your application for me. Thanks!
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    Looks like a very unique opportunity... keep us posted!
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    I applied and was one of the 50 they selected to move on to the next round. They are interviewing from that group next week, but I'm on the east coast and won't be back in time. I don't think anyone is hired yet, but I could be wrong. Anyways best of luck to those interested. They lost me at $16/hour and Yuma lol.
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    Hi GonnaAmazeYou, Congrats to become one of selectee!! We all are excited of this particular opportunity. I personally believe most of us come from east coast, at least you have me. We'll see what's next! Let's pray we all will get hired and make friends together at Yuma.
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    Has anyone heard from Yuma to set up these interviews?I got their questionnaire but have not heard anything more.
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    Hopefully we all will see no later than July 24. Finger crossed guys!

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