Who got placed for 01/2012???

  1. Hello everyone!

    I would love to hear who got a spot at any of the MCC Spring 2012 programs! Please include your date/time stamp, which school you have been placed at, and what choice that school was on your prefered list!


    I have not yet been placed, my date/time stamp is 02/19/2010 08:04:58AM, and my first choice is the GCC Weekend program.

    Please share!
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  3. by   nonsensequitter
    I have not been placed. 2/19/2010 8:06:42

    However, my friend did get placed at PV traditional 4 semester. Her date/time was 2/19/2010 8:01:12

    I've been really curious how many people fall between that 5.5 of her time and mine.
  4. by   mommywith2
    i have not been placed and my stamp is 2/19/2010 8:06:28 am...
  5. by   luv2bhapp
    I have not been placed and my time stamp is also 2/19/2010 8:06:32. My first choice is MCC.
  6. by   momma#3
    I'm not placed yet either. My stamp is 2/19/10 8:07:00
    How many applicants is there per minute? How many ppl are between 8:06:32 & my 8:07:00??
  7. by   BSN-Path
    momma#3 they say it is one student for every second for Ex. if your time stamp is 8:00:38 that means you were number 38. If i do the math right that means from 8:06:32 to 8:07:00 there are 28 students between those two times and there for you would be 28. I hope this helps but I am not a 100% this is what I was told from the nursing office. I hope you are picked up very soon I will cross my fingers for you!!
  8. by   momma#3
    Thanks! Getting impatient waiting for 2 years!!
  9. by   PBJ92
    I haven't been placed either, but I'm curious to see how many people are before my time stamp of 2/19/10 8:00:32 hopefully its not a lot.
  10. by   pkr2010
    I was placed in the GCC weekend program my date stamp was 10/16/09 8:05 and this was my first choice. Be patient it is a very long wait i know. I am very happy my wait is over because its been hard waiting for 2 yrs to get placed.
  11. by   dgva81
    I got placed at GWCC/NAU traditional program and I start in 01/2012. I got an email saying lectures would be Monday and Tuesday evenings like 5-9:30pm and clinicals either Friday or Saturday. Not sure what my time stamp time is cause it doesn't show it on the page anymore for me but the date was 12/2010. I sent in the application for the concurrent program in July and they let me know last month I would be getting placed. I heard that they place you sooner if you do that program. Must be since I haven't even waited a year.
  12. by   Carrieo
    My time stamp is 8:03:21AM and I did not get placed yet.
  13. by   amberly
    Not super helpful since I don't remember my timestamp (2/10) specifically because its not on my status page anymore, but I got in during the second round and got placed in my 3rd choice which was GCC traditional. Hope to see some more got placed during the 3rd round!
  14. by   Riemmygirl
    I can't remember my time but was 02/10 and I was placed at Phoenix College Traditional. This was my #5 choice. I was curious if anyone else has been placed to phoenix Jan 2012?