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What's the scoop on Arizona Regional Medical Center?

  1. 0 Just got an interview as a new ASU grad, but I've heard a nasty little rumor that they have trouble paying their employees. Anyone know anything good or bad?
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    I'm not sure how accurate it is but I read some recent employee feedback online about that. They're mostly physician owned. Looking at financial stats for 2011 below, they don't seem to be doing very well financially for being a 'for profit' hospital .

    American Hospital Directory - Arizona Regional Medical Center - Mesa (030126) - Free Profile

    American Hospital Directory - Individual Hospital Statistics for Arizona

    f you can figure out how to log-in ($355 subscription) you can see how they're doing year over year....

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    I have an interview there this week. How was yours? Do you know how many spots they have?
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    Mine is actually tomorrow morning at 10am. Good luck to you!
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    Good luck to you also. Mine is Thursday at noon. First interview. Soooo nervous!!
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    Any word back on the program there?
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    I was offered a spot yesterday.. Filling out all my paperwork tomorrow morning! I'm excited to start! Has anyone else heard back??
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    Going in tomorrow too at 10. I am so excited!! Were you offered a position at AJ or Mesa?
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    Mesa nights, my first pick what about you?? Also, what day was your interview? I'm trying to see if any of the girls from my group got in!!
    Congrats! I am so excited! We'll be together that first week in the classroom!
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    AJ nights. 2nd pick. Interviewed Wed at 12.
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    AZ Regional Medical Center is closing May 8.

    Mesa, AZ - Financial stresses and reduction in Medicare reimbursements is forcing one Arizona hospital to shut down.Arizona Regional Medical Center located at 515 N. Mesa Dr. in Mesa will officially close its doors on May 8, said Ken Eckhauser, hospital spokesperson.

    The hospital has been financially stressed due to a reduction in Medicare reimbursements and uncompensated care among other factors, Eckhauser said.

    It is not immediately known how many employees will be affected or if some will be transferred to the hospital's Apache Junction facility.
    Arizona Regional Medical Center closing due to financial stresses
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    We're transferring!
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    That's good news!

    It'll probably re-open after a large hospital chain buys it for pennies on the dollar. It won't be Arizona Regional Medical Center. It's tough times for hospitals but management probably also made plenty of bonehead business decisions.