What's the scoop on Arizona Regional Medical Center?

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    Just got an interview as a new ASU grad, but I've heard a nasty little rumor that they have trouble paying their employees. Anyone know anything good or bad?
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    I'm not sure how accurate it is but I read some recent employee feedback online about that. They're mostly physician owned. Looking at financial stats for 2011 below, they don't seem to be doing very well financially for being a 'for profit' hospital .

    American Hospital Directory - Arizona Regional Medical Center - Mesa (030126) - Free Profile

    American Hospital Directory - Individual Hospital Statistics for Arizona

    f you can figure out how to log-in ($355 subscription) you can see how they're doing year over year....

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    I have an interview there this week. How was yours? Do you know how many spots they have?
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    Mine is actually tomorrow morning at 10am. Good luck to you!
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    Good luck to you also. Mine is Thursday at noon. First interview. Soooo nervous!!
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    Any word back on the program there?
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    I was offered a spot yesterday.. Filling out all my paperwork tomorrow morning! I'm excited to start! Has anyone else heard back??
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    Going in tomorrow too at 10. I am so excited!! Were you offered a position at AJ or Mesa?
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    Mesa nights, my first pick what about you?? Also, what day was your interview? I'm trying to see if any of the girls from my group got in!!
    Congrats! I am so excited! We'll be together that first week in the classroom!
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    AJ nights. 2nd pick. Interviewed Wed at 12.