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hi all! to make a long story short, my step-mom (an rn) offered to buy me something nice to help me while in nursing school. (btw i wont be starting ns until january '09) well, i have read... Read More

  1. by   RNfaster
    Depends on how much she wants to spend. You should be able to get a light-weight Littman stethoscope on sale for about $35 to 39. I was just in a scrubs store on the 101 at Northern (west side) and saw them on sale for $39. I got mine awhile ago at SmartScrubs in Tempe for about $35 by showing them the allhearts.com price and having a coupon (from the center of the mall) for 10 or 15 percent off.

    If she wants to spend a bit more, maybe you could get Danskos or Z-coils. --And if she wants to spend more than those cost, maybe the PDA...

    Congratulations on starting school and good luck!
  2. by   groovy jeff
    I am in my 3rd semester and I think it is PDA hands down. On my clinicals I will have RNs asking me to look something up for them! I have an HP Pocket PC and for a drug program I am using Epocrates and it is free. I am trying out some other programs to find the ones I like (lots of these programs offer free trials). I have also used it in class and have a couple of text books downloaded on it. I think it will continue to be a valuable tool after I graduate and can't say enough good things about it. Good luck on getting started!