What is RN to patient ratio on med-surg units in Scottsdale, AZ? - page 2

Hi, What is the nurse to patient patio in Scottsdale and Phoenix hospitals on medsurg units? In the hospital I work we have 7 pts at night with no unit secretary - so all physician orders nurses enter in the computer themself.... Read More

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    Scottsdale Shea med/surg: New grad staring pay 27.53 night shift dif 6.50. Day shift 3-4 sometimes 5, has a full time HUC. Night shift 4-5 sometimes 6, has a HUC for the first 4 hours, then a floating HUC for the rest of the night. Md's are starting to enter their own orders

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    At my hospital in north Phoenix: 12 beds > 4 nurses > 1 aide
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    3 to 1 sounds great. I generally see between 5 and 7 pts in med surg
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