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I'm surprised no one has brough it up yet. Does anyone other than myself believe that the new background check requirements coming in September for Maricopa Community Colleges will have a huge impact on those already in class... Read More

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    I am currently in block one and the instructor clarified that students already in the program do not need to apply for a level one fingerprint card. The fingerprint card we already have is sufficient, but we must sign some papers.I have to say though, the background checks are rather rigorous.

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    That's a little irritating.

    It says about a thousand times that we have to cover the cost of the background check ourselves. I don't want to pay for that. I've worked in law enforcement for the last 6 or so years and had to have a full-on background investigation and polygraph. Prior to that I worked in an occupational health clinic at a nuclear plant (hello, security clearance). So I see this and immediately think: waste of money.

    I guess I should look at the bright side and be thankful that at least I know there are no mistakes in my background.

    Although, I was admitted in March for an August 2011 start date, I wonder if this will apply to me? I didn't get an email or written notice... Probably something they were going to spring on us at orientation.
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    In the BNFP program and scheduled to take CNA course in Spring. Had a retention meeting today where we were told that our LEVEL ONE clearance card could NOT have any restrictions. However, that is not stated anywhere under the new background check standards. This concerns me...I have a Level One but with driving restrictions (out of state DUI 4 yrs back, DPS said restriction will fall off once I hit the 5 yr mark) basically, I'm not allowed to transport people as part of my employment, however I can drive myself anywhere. I'm in the clear with the background check because it was more than 3 yrs ago. Obviously, they gave me the Level One clearance so I met DPS higher standards than the "regular" card. Does anyone else have restrictions on theirs? If so, have you run into any problems or been told you cannot participate?
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    Wow, here comes the stupid question of the day...
    What if you already have your card and background check? Licesened CNA, just finished my last pre req and getting ready to apply?

    Always something...
    thanks all,
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    Did the background and already got my results back as well as my level 1 card. It was pretty easy. It took about 2 days and they check everything. I just printed out the results and just need to go flash it at an adviser lol

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