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Transfer Credits ASU, Riosalado

  1. 0 Hello!
    Quick question, anyone ever have any issues transferring credits from Riosalado to ASU?
    I have to take statistics for the RN to BSN bridge program..and the community college I attend now doesn't offer stats online-and I have to do it online because I will be outta town for part of the summer.

    If has any info I would appreciate it. It would save me being on hold with an advisor for 1/2 and hr!!
    One more anyone who is graduating, or wrapping up a block... Congrats!!!!!
    -Best of luck on finals:redpinkhe
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    You may take PSY230 ( Intro to Statistics), that is what I am taking today. This class is totally online, you take the 2 exams online, I recommend that you take my instructor who is Sir Hayward; he is very helpful and generous!
    You shouldn't have any problems transferring credits from RSCC to ASU, I think we may transfer up to 64 credits. Quoted from Ms. Burnes:
    "ASU allows up to 64 credit hours for the Traditional BSN Program. They allow 75 for the RN-BSN program. You will want to sign up for the MAPP in order to transfer 75 credit hours."

    I am taking the TCPNP route, I can't afford to wait for 2 years just to be accepted at a nursing program of any of the MCCs, that is just insane! By that time, I can earn myself a BSN degree.
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    Awesome-thanks for the info!