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  1. Hi everyone!

    We will be relocating maybe this summer at Flagstaff. I am yearning to apply at NAUs(Flagstaff) RN-BSN program, however, the pre-requisites is making me discouraged, it is endless! In addition, you have to hold an AAS/Nursing diploma in order to apply. And the waiting list for the nursing program at MCC is atleast 18 months-2 years! Had done some researches of nursing programs that doesn't have any waiting list at Flagstaff, and I later found out that Coconino County Community College doesn't have a waiting list, BUT you have to have a CNA certificate. The CNA program takes 2-4 months, as I said, I am impatient

    Just tonight,I found out that NAU offers a traditional BSN! I am so stupid that I didn't found this link of the Traditional BSN program a few days ago!

    Moreover, I find this route easier rather than taking the RN-BSN route because it doesn't have a WAITING LIST!, and no need to hold an AAS degree/nursing diploma; unless if you want to work right away and earn money.
    I am planning to take MAT142(College Algebra), and hopefully be able to ace an A so that my "pre-reqs GPA" will somehow rise. With their pre-reqs courses it seems that I only have 7 remaining courses that needs to be completed!
    * BIO/CHM w/ Lab;
    * College Algebra;
    * Developmental Psychology;
    * Applied Nutrition;
    * A & P I w/ Lab;
    * A & P II w/ Lab;
    * and Microbiology w/ Lab;

    I just have some stuff to worry about on applying :
    * I am only 20 y/o, don't hold an associate degree, don't have a GED(but I have a high school diploma), and haven't completed the AGEC. As a result, I have to complete their "course requirements".
    * I haven't had Community/Volunteer experiences.
    * Because I don't have community/volunteer experiences, how am I able to have two references?!
    The last two is the criteria being used on how they select students:

    So, has anyone taken/is taking this route? I will highly appreciate any response! Sorry for the long post!
    **Note: I am currently completing the pre-reqs at Rio Salado CC, you might also have any suggestions on which pre-reqs course to take (example: BIO or CHEM; Applied Nutrition and Food Selection or Medical Nutrition)
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  3. by   Southern Magnolia
    I have applied to NAU's traditional program for fall but at the Tucson location. Sorry I'm too wiped out to go into much detail tonight. I think you 'll find a lot of info just by searching the board for NAU. Just try to attend an information session in case things change from what they've done in the past. Call the school of nursing and they should be able to let you know when the next one will be. The next application deadline is in October. It sounds like there may be some changes in the future though so make sure you get everything first hand from NAU.

    One note . . . Your references have nothing to do with volunteer experience- at least they don't have to. You need two professional references. I used my A&P instructor and clinical supervisor for my CNA. You do also need to get volunteer experience and some form of healthcare experience ( this doesn't mean you have to have a job in healthcare. I used my CNA clinicals as healthcare experience. Some will say these aren't needed but they are listed as prerequisite items for application and are requested on the application. It's only eight hours for each and I think if you volunteer in healthcare you would be able to count that in both categories.

    If you have questions after talking with NAU I'll try to help.

    Good luck.
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  4. by   Southern Magnolia
    Oh, the criteria to my understanding is 1) prerequisite gpa - there are 11 classes I believe.
    2) your entrance exam score 3) you get "extra" points for having volunteer and healthcare experience. I think those are the main things they look at.
  5. by   pre-ASUstudent
    Hi again NomadMomma! ☺

    NAU has a total of 10 pre-requisite courses. When you say the entrance exam score, is that the HESI A2? I will send them an email message tonight.
    Yes, you are right the Spring 2012 application deadline is October; hopefully I am done with all the remaining pre-req courses by October.

    Thank you NomadMomma for the second time! (:
  6. by   Southern Magnolia
    Yes, it's the Hesi a2 but I've heard (on here) that it might be changing to a different exam.

    Sorry it is 10 prerecs. It was 11 for me b/c my English was divided between 101 and 102.
  7. by   pre-ASUstudent
    I also heard someone posting NAU changing their entrance exam, something like from HESI A2 to Kaplan..
    Oh yes! It's 11! Sorry, I counted ENG101 and ENG102 as one. I already sent them an email message. I will keep you updated! (: