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Hi! Does anyone know the start dates of the Fall 2012 new grad RN programs for Abrazo and Banner? Hoping to get a call for interviews! Thanks!... Read More

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    i applied for a banner new grad position last friday (the 14th) and interviewed today. they said they're expecting to have outcomes by end of day tomorrow, so looks like the timeframe for that one was about a week.

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    Wow! Congratulations on your interview, and I hope that you get the job!!
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    Quote from veryhopeful
    Wow! Congratulations on your interview, and I hope that you get the job!!
    thanks, me too! keep applying to everything you see... i graduated last december and started working outpatient surgery at a clinic in march. it's great experience, but it's only PRN, so i've continued to look for a full time job. i have almost 400 applications out... you have to network! i was called for this interview because of meeting someone who happens to work there, and they liked me. you really have to tell EVERYONE you know that you are a RN looking for work. also, join professional organizations and go to the meetings. you really have to put yourself out there. good luck and keep up the hard work!
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    Sounds like you've had an interesting journey! You've made a lot of good points, and they're very much appreciated. Thanks!!

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