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I am done with prerecs (hopefully- waiting on transcript review) and plan to apply to NAU- Tucson for the traditional BSN program for Fall. In the meantime, I'm wondering if it would be helpful for me to take spanish 101 or... Read More

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    It will help your career and will make you even more of a well-rounded individual. I say definitely take it! Either HC or 101, whatever fits your schedule!

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    I live in upstate New York, and find my Spanish knowledge to be a time saver and very helpful. I don't claim to be fluent, by any means, however, the years I took in high school, college and assisting my two children in HS, have helped in my career. In my unit we have translator phones in most rooms. If needed for more intense conversations, at least they're available.
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    Hey Southern Mag, did you ever take the class? Does it help? Of course the patients will need interpreters but it would be nice to just know a few words here and there to even say, eat this, do that, etc. I was thinking of taking the class too. let me know.

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