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Spanish for Health Care Workers

  1. 0 Has anyone taken this class through the MCCCD? Any tips or thoughts?? I am looking at taking either the 3 credit SPA 117 or both the 1 credit SPA 117AA/AB. More importantly, I am looking for the books. If anyone has them to sell or lend, that'd be great. I just have a problem paying $200 for a class that only costs $86 in tuition..... Thanks!
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    I have taken the class but the book my teacher had us buy was from borders. There wasn't an assigned book for my class. I took it at EMCC and it was pretty easy! Good luck!
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    I bought the books for the class from Rio which came with audio disks and it looks like it could really help! I didn't take the class though yet.
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    I took the class online through RIO - I still have my book and plan on keeping it. THe disks were fantastic and I have managed to use quite a few phrases in my current job as a PFS rep in the ER. It was a pretty easy class, wish I could help you out with the books!
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    im taking this class now. its actually really easy. the books are very expensive for this class however.

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