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SCC Accelerated Program Info.

  1. 0 Hi there I was wondering if there were any current Scc students out there who could tell me if there were any truths to the rumors that the Scottsdale Healthcare partnership was being terminated starting spring? I have tried to contact the school directly but haven't gotten any solid answers.

    Also I have asked before, but can any of the current students in the accelerated program give me an idea of what your schedules look like preferrably blocks 1-4?

    Thank you

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    Its true! There will no longer be a Partnership program.
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    Hi there, thank you for replying, are you a current student in this program? If so what block are you in?


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    I am a current Block 4 student. I have been with this school for blocks 2-4.
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    Thanks azmom23 for replying again, I put in for a transfer for next semester, so I just have to wait and see. I really am trying to get into the accelerated program.
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    That is not true. There IS a partnership program still. I am an SHC employee who was placed for Spring 2012 and just attended my registration session. The only change to the program is that it is no longer accelerated, so we are now on a 24 month track like other traditional programs.
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    Well there you go! Nursing school rumors i guess! We were told that SHC was not funding the program anymore. Sorry if I gave false info! Good luck to you both! I have really enjoyed SCC!