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Help!! Has anyone taken this class (4 hrs) and did you do the 8 wk or 16 wk? I work full time,have two kids (13, 16) and I'm taking a pretty easy looking math 142 at ccc(3 hrs) and want to take Bio 156 online as well but I... Read More

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    I did this class accelerated last spring so I could get into Micro as fast as possible. I took developmental psycho and Nutrition at the same time.
    Your old bio class will help but, there have been many discoveries in bio since then (I took my bio in '77). The new data made the course more interesting and other than taking time the labs were straight forward. The only problem was doing the essays and lab reports well.
    The accelerated class demanded a lot more time than the other 2 classes... maybe because you finished at least; 2 chapters, 1 or 2 labs, 1 essay and a quiz per week.

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    Man that class was HARD! I don't know... maybe it's just me but I hadn't taken bio since sophomore year in High School and that was in 1980. It was probably more work than I have ever had to do for a class and I have a degree in psychology and child development from University of Illinois!!
    Maybe it's because it was all so new to me and unfamiliar. There is soooo much writing- I spent 20 hours a week on that class approximately. I did get an A, but it was a HUGE amt. of work!! Teaching myself science does not work well for me- I need a professor right there. I will not take any more online science classes. I did learn a lot though. I just don't think it fits my learning style.
    Anyone taking Chem 130 this summer? I start July 1....
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    Oh my gosh I thought Biology 156 and it was very hard for me to do online. I ended up withdrawing from the class because I got a little behind and was trying to play catch up. The essays are what seem to be so hard, I received a bad grade on my first essay. Which really brought me down, not a good way to start a class. I was told by Rio Salado that Biology is hard for a lot of people to take online. So I am going to take chemistry 130 online and then take biology in person at a different college. I am hoping by me taking chemistry that it will help me with biology. In the first few chapters of Biology it seemed like it used a lot of chemistry. I took chemistry in 1996, so I don't remember much. Does any one have any feedback on taking Chemistry online?
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    Hi Everyone!
    I am a current Rio Salado student and loved my experience with PSY101 & ENG101 and ENH291(Humanities). However my experience in BIO156 has been as everyone is stating above...too difficult for most. Online is definitely better for people with busy schedules but it does require more focus and more self teaching. I am currently enrolled in MAT092 which is difficult for me (anything math related is) and I was set to take BIO156 @ Rio starting tomorrow LOL but because of all the information given, I will be taking BIO156 @ Phoenix College instead, THANK YOU! Based on my readings I will most likely be taking all of my BIO & CHM classes in person from here on out. To get into a nursing program it's based on GPA so I just don't want to chance it and waste any time. I am a mother of 5 and student @ age 39 Hope this helps. I have one thing I would like to share with everyone...I know it's a challenge but Dont' give up!
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    I have a question about the time format of the class -

    Can you work ahead (if this is even possible given the heavy workload it sounds like it has)?

    I am just curious if there is a specific time block within which you have to take the two proctored exams or if you can take them when you are ready (eg if I finish the 16 week class in 12 weeks can I take the second exam then or do I have to wait for a specific time?).

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    I do not know about the 16 week class but you can not work ahead for any reason in the 8 week class. And yo can not take the midterm or final until your last assignment is turned in.
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    How is the Chem at Rio online? Are you happy with your instructor? I am not sure if I want try it online or not. Have you taken a chem class before?
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    I'm taking Chem 130+Lab and Bio 156 right now. Bio is awful but Chem isn't bad at all. It's fun to let your kids help with the experiments too.

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