Questions for CHM 130, BIO 156, and BIO 201

  1. I will be enrolling in BIO 156 via Rio Salado that starts in two weeks for the 8 week course. I plan to take CHM 130 and BIO 201 this summer. Any suggestions on professors? Advice as to which MCCD is best? I would appreciate any thoughts and advice.

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  3. by   blkcind
    If you to to you can check out professors in their specialty by school and see what past students have to say about them. It was very helpful for when I was going to ASU five years ago and it looks like it has really expanded their student base since then. Hopefully that helps!
  4. by   Betty711
    Why not take them through Rio as well? I took BIO 201 there last semester, and am currently taking CHM 130. They have a Summer I and Summer II, so you should be able to fit them in somewhere. :wink2:
  5. by   butterflydancer
    Who were your professors for BIO 201 and CHM 130? I have read some stellar reviews for certain professors and prefer to not deal with any extreme difficult professors and I like to be able to have decent communication since it is online. One of my professors this semester is not very good with communication.

    I have checked ratemyprofessor and for the most part find the professors, yet there are some that are not on there.

  6. by   club space miami
    could you please let me know who were some good professors for the accelerated bio156/8 week course at Rioa Salado? thank you