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Im sure this is somewhere in the long thread already out there on the Banner Fellows Program, but I wanted a quick, easy answer. Im really excited about finally being able to apply next semester... Read More

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    There are many different time lines... I turned my application in to the Maricopa Community college in Aug.. I finished my pre-reqs over a year ago I was actually going for ASU for my BSN.. im just 3 classes shy of that.. I dropped those 3 though when I talked to them about how they choose candidates I just decided to go for the ADN program and applied for Banner in Aug 07 and had my Banner interview in October 07 and was selected in Nov 15 2007 I got my letter from Banner for the March 08 Cohort... Aug 2007 - November 2007 it took me to be selected .. just 3 months on the list -- I know thats not normal for most.. but it really can happen.
    So some can be quicker than others

    I have been in healthcare since I was 18 yrs old.. I was a CNA for 8 years a pharmacy tech for 3 years and have worked for the same Health insurance company for the past 8 years and also currently work weekends at John C Lincoln .. I have always been surrounded by Healthcare.

    They asked me in my interview how am I preparing financially for this program since its such a fast paced accelerated program.. And I let them knew I was determined and got a 2nd job to build some cash flow up until the program started since I would be quitting my full time job with the health insurance company.. so if you show that experience, interview well, and show them you are determined.. and experience does help.. it can get the ball rolling alot faster too .

    Just KEEP trying you will get there ..
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    Quote from gonna get there
    I just got my letter from Banner today !! Yahoo - I'm in the March Gateway cohort. Anyone else at Gateway in March with Banner?

    I hope everyone gets good news.
    I am in the March 2008 cohort!! Picked up my books on Monday!!!!
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    Cool !! I thought the letter said to pick up books after Feb 18th - glad to hear we can get them sooner. I will go get them next week.

    So exciting. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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