Project Ayuda

  1. 0 i have been summoned to a meeting with "project ayuda" as has everyone participating in this project.

    my co-students have told me that basically i will be told at the meeting that nothing i have done towards my time will actually count:
    • i have added in some clinical hours, but the booklet said i could.
    • i volunteer at two hospitals, but apparently none of that counts either.
    • i am starting up a community block watch, that may count as it didn't exist before.
    i will have to go back and get sign off on all my hours from not just my supervisor, but all of the people who watched me volunteer and that i need to write an evidenced based paper proving that what i did was not covered by any other discipline or staffing.

    so basically my co-students have been told (over an hour interview) that nothing they have done counts and that the booklet is no longer valid as a description f the program. this was all prefixed by the fact that funding has been cut.

    has anyone else had this experience?
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