Pre-Enrollment interview with Chamberlain?

  1. I got a voice mail today from an advisor with Chamberlain. She left no other information except that she was calling to schedule a pre-enrollment interview. I have not received any notification of acceptance or denial. Does this interview mean acceptance?? I have attempted to call her back all day, and have left messages. Very difficult to get past the voice mail in that office. I plan to continue to call her on Monday, but in the mean time, should I just hold my breath, or can I have a moment of happiness???

    Thanks for any help you may have!

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  3. by   AZMOMO2
    They pretty much accept everyone into this program.
  4. by   pamski0069
    What was your interveiw about? I am getting a letter today... sent UPS overnight. So i figured it has to be something of significance... they sent me an e-mail labeled phase 1 pre-enrollment with a tracking number... anyone know what this is?