Pima Medical ...can you transfer to a BSN if you start here? Also easys to get hired

  1. if you attend school at Pima Medical? Wondering if the area hospitals say good things about Pima grads. TIA
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  3. by   shaggyjo
    Pima Medical Institute has an agreement with Grand Canyon for an ASN to BSN bridge, they accept Pima's credits. I am not sure about anywhere else as far as credits. But I would hope that any school who has an RN to BSN program accepts the RN from Pima... you may have to do additional lower division classes.. but the RN part should stand. Again not certain about that!!

    I had no difficulty getting a job, our clinical experience was great. Pima actually has a very good reputation. Their pass rates are very high when you consider they have only graduated about 4 classes, and all of those were small... roughly around 20-30 students per class!

    Good Luck!

  4. by   AZLady11
    Thank you so much! Did you enjoy PMI? Did you learn what you needed?
  5. by   shaggyjo
    Pima has a very good program. It is VERY hard and demanding, and there is a LOT of work. There has been some changes in some of the staff- so they would be new to me, but they are very concerned with their students. This school is not into weeding people out, they are into teaching people how to be nurses. If you have the desire to learn, and the gumption to push yourself, they will work with you to make it happen. Pima has a very good NCLEX pass rate, and they make sure you are prepared to take that test. Most people who did not pass it, were people who struggled with test taking, and these people pretty much knew going in that they would have to take it twice.
    Nursing school was a love hate thing for me. I loved it, and hated it all at the same time.

    Good Luck,
  6. by   crangel
    I was wondering about what the cost for tuition is a Pima? What is the schedule like?