Pima Community College (Tucson AZ) Actual cost of attendance

  1. Ok so,

    I have one pre-requsiite course left until I can apply for the actual pima nursing program (The two year RN program).

    Having absolutely no luck getting a straight answer from admissions on the cost (of course) , they claim its roughly 4000, can this be right?

    I have my co-requisites as well and for all of those credits combined it was about this much. Heres the breakdown I'm looking at...

    DPS Criminal Background Check $65.00
    CPR Course $35.00
    Course Fees $200.00
    Uniforms/Shoes/Clinical Supplies Varies
    Required Textbooks / Lab Supplies $1,395.00
    Exam/Immunizations Varies
    Toxicology Screening $15.00
    Licensing $550.00
    Review Course (optional) $100 - 400.00
    Graduation Application Fee $15.00

    NRS 104/104LC/104LS Nursing Process I
    NRS 105/105LC/105LS Nursing Process II
    NRS 201/201LC Nursing Process III
    NRS 202/202CA/202CB Nursing Process IV
    NRS 203 Trends and Issues in Nursing

    36 total credits plus books etc

    Currently working as a pct/cna

    Anyone who recently got accepted who can shed some light on the actual cost? are the credits the same as other pima courses?

    thanks in advance

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  4. by   runner25
    Nursing credits are the same price as non-nursing courses. If you take your prerequisites/corequisites before you enter nursing school, the most you have to pay for is 12 credits per semester.

    Before entering, I had the cpr course ($30), dps fee, the hesi fee, the drug test fee ($15), a cheap stethoscope fee ($40), immunization fee ($100 - had to get a couple titers and mmr), physical fee ($20), and nursing clogs ($40). You can try to ask someone who has completed nursing school for their books or for a discount on books or buy them used. But yes, the fees are slightly accurate though you can pinch a few pennies here and there. As you are closer to graduate, you will want to do the Kaplan review course and have to pay for licensing.
  5. by   denaa
    They changed the price of the nursing course starting Spring 2012. Non nursing courses are about $52 a credit hour but the nursing core classes will be about $71 a credit hour. Most of your other fees look right on. I am just starting block one and my fees are $806.00 for tuition and fees and $762.00 for only the required books.
  6. by   mesalight257
    already a cna so got some of that covered, denaa did you rent the books or buy them?
  7. by   denaa
    I bought the books...not sure if I would need them for the second semester or not. So many people say that the books are expensive the first block because you use some of the same books in future blocks. Lets hope...
  8. by   mesalight257
    definitely let us know denaa! , They change the required reading every semester for the pre/co requisites, it would be nice to have a bare minimum figure going forward. Paz.
  9. by   Staragate
    The new student handbook is out now with updated info.