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Option A: I want to remain in the Nursing program in the semester I was originally selected for (Fall 2011). Option B: I want to move to the Spring 2011 semester, if a seat is available. Guess which I picked! :)... Read More

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    You get your schedule about a month before class starts. That's how it worked for me anyway. They are not flexible at all about class times. You get what you get. The staff are amazing and do their best to help you understand everything. Here's a tip: get the Elsevier package when you have the book list. It includes all the online codes that you would have to pay extra for separately. It's expensive though.

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    Is it possible to get all or most of your books digitally, like on an e-reader or nook instead of lugging around heavy books everywhere?
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    I am also attending the nursing program in the Fall of 2011

    The orientation explained
    A. The immunization you must have

    B. The uniforms

    C. The group assignments that you will receive...(No you will not know your assigned classes yet).

    D. Your CPR card

    E. Drug Test (You will take it that day)

    F. Basic rules and regulations

    G. Book, Class and etc. Fees

    H. Responsibilities

    I. You will take an entrance exam on orientation day. It covers Reading, Math, A&P and 2 other sections (those are not graded) You will need decent scores on these, as these sections offer information to employers.

    J. S.N.A.P....Student nurses Association recruiters will talk to the class (I hear it's a good idea to get involved, as employers look at this involvement as a positive thing when hiring.

    I'm sure there is more that I am forgetting...But good luck...Perhaps we will have a class together...
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    Thanks for the info. I have been brushing up on those subjects for the entrance exam but I didn't think it really counted for anything....especially since they don't even tell you that a test will be administered. Now I am worried!
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    The math covers ratios and fractions mostly...

    Its wasn't too bad!!!
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    The books are available online, downloaded into your computer or your ipad. You don't need the books for class, the lecture covers the content you need to know. Do the reading ahead of time, it helps give the background info on the lecture.

    Also study guides really help, especially for study group. Fundamentals Success and the Potter/Perry study guides are good. The PP guide answers are NOT included in the book, but they will be provided online by Pima.
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    Stargate, thanks for post. I was thinking of getting a Kindle reader. Are you saying that the textbooks are digital? Do you personally use a reader or your ipad to read your textbooks?
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    I just go to the website if I'm not home to read the books online. This is the publisher's website: https://evolve.elsevier.com/cs/Satel...dience=Student

    I don't remember what devices are compatible.
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    A few applicants who applied in March and April 2010 have been offered a seat for Fall 2011. So if you applied near that time, good luck!

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