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Well I know this has been talked about before but I am just looking for any advice on where to find a new grad RN job in the Phoenix area (East Valley preferred). I have been applying for over 6... Read More

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    I had the same issue when I graduated. Fortunateley after 1 month of numerous denial emails I decided to take things a step farther. I suggest you call the units you applied to and ask for the Nurse Manager...sell yourself and explain how interested u are in a position with them. Most times the Nurse Managers are not opposed to new grads, the HR reps are the issue. Worked for me. I walked right into the Surgical ICU. Good luck!

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    Quote from yooper86
    Would you consider school here in MI? Do you have pre-req's done? I went to Bay College in Escanaba, MI. It has a really good reputation and no wait list when I got in the LPN program back in 2007. Their deadline to apply is April 1st and you find out in June if you get in. Just an idea. I tried going to an RN program in AZ and couldn't stand to wait 3 semesters (minimum) so I came back here and finished the RN program in 8 months. I've heard the wait lists are horrible for all the schools out there.

    Do you plan on working while you are in school?

    If you do stay out there for school and can't find a job in Lower MI when you move back, you can try Marquette General hospital, OSF St. Francis hospital, Helen Newberry Joy hospital, Schoolcraft memorial hospital, etc. They all hire new grads. Marquette is the biggest and a teaching hospital I did all my clinics there. These are all in the U.P. And if your looking non-hospital I can give you some more names. lol
    How were you able to finish the RN program in 8 months? I am starting the LPN program here at Gateway in the fall, and was thinking maybe I could just do the bridge program in Michigan if the wait was too long to do the RN part here in Arizona. Do they hire LPN's anywhere in the U.P. area? Did you start the program in Arizona and then finish in Michigan?

    I do have all the pre-reqs and co-reqs done except for Microbiology. I have a degree in another field, so I have all the general ed classes done for an associates degree, so it would really just be the nursing classes I would have to take. How did you like doing the nursing program in MIchigan?
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    Quote from MulticollinearityRN
    Go rural. Just about any state.
    Quote from MassagetoRN
    I respectfully disagree. The rural hospitals are smaller, and have less resources to hire and train new grads. Also, they usually take local people who are invested in the community.
    I am a living testament to the truth of what MulticollinearityRN says. After a fruitless search in my area (which includes over 10 hospitals), I finally contacted a tiny rural facility - and was hired. We've since hired a number of other new grads. The truth is that the rural places sometimes have trouble finding nurses because they're (a) not within commute distance of the population hubs and (b) tend to have lousy pay and benefits.

    On the other hand, you will get opportunities at a small rural hospital that you'd not quickly get at a big one.
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    What area did u relocate to?
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    just curious -- at which hospital are you working in the SICU? and how did you go about getting the manager's information? i've been a nurse tech at U of M's SICU for 3 years and am graduating with a BSN in a month...being an RN in a SICU would be awesome. i'd love to relocate to AZ. any advice would be greatly appreciated!! thanks!

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