NEW ASU Second Degree Bachelors - Jan 2012

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    Did anyone else apply for this program?
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    I was not aware that the program started. As a result, no I did not apply.
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    I called and got information about ASU's 2nd degree program for the next cycle, but I was shocked to find out how much it cost! There are nearly $20,000 in fees - on top of tuiton! That's alot for a 12 month program. I thought GCU was expensive - however with my GPA scholarship, the BSN program should be around $24,000. With me paying for school out of pocket (I refuse to take out a loan), GCU is better suited for my needs. I can spead the payments out longer and I would save approximately $11,000.

    Good luck to you!!!!
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    I definitely see your point, but GCU is also a five semester program that requires additional prerequisites. While the tuition is high, it was nothing compared to the lost earning potential (for me) of being in a full time program for two years (not to mention the value of the experience I could gain in that time or the benefits of attending such a highly ranked program). I know everyone's needs are different, and if you can accomplish your goals through a different path with little to no debt, that's wonderful! Good luck to you!
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    Thanks! Same to you. Did you get in the program?
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    I hope so! Letters go out this week, so I should know soon. It would be nice to know someone else who applied, but ASU didn't not advertise it very much. (It's still not even on the website.) It's a little crazy not knowing if I'm in with classes starting in just 6 weeks. I'm excited to find out though! =)
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    I'm sure you'll get in! Good luck You'll be a great nurse!
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    I GOT IN!!! I have to let them know by Friday if I'm accepting (which I am), and we have our new student meeting next Wednesday! Things are moving soo quickly!
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    Wow! Congrats!!!!
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    Quote from AZnurse_2B

    Did anyone else apply for this program?
    I had no idea they finally did it!

    I'm SO relieved - I really want to do an accelerated post-bachelor's program, to save $ and time, but I support a family of four and wasn't sure how we were going to up and move to Flagstaff for at least a year.

    I should be busy for the next few hours researching the program - Thanks for posting!
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    I think the program costs $36,000 for one year, I don't know how much money that would save for anyone...

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