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Hi. I'm currently enrolled in fon241, bio202, & arh102 for fall '12 at GCC. I need one more since I have 8 to finish for GCU's requirements & splitting them evenly for fall & spring. I'm torn between hcr210 & psy240. Any... Read More

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    Thanks wbthomas and wildcatchristie!! I appreciate the info! Wildcatchristie, since I'm
    still new to allnurses I don't think I have the option to PM yet?

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    Thanks everyone for the great feedback! My counselor from GCU called me & he said it doesn't look like I'll be ready to apply for summer fast track but can apply in may for fall. Since a few pre-req requirements are changing he said I didn't need hcr anymore. Therefore, my schedule is bio 202, psy 230, & fon 241. Shouldn't be too bad huh? Starting Fall '13 there will be a 16 month fast track. That's what I'll be applying for. Tine23tine can you give me the initials of your bio instructor? The name was erased since we're not allowed to use instructors' names on here.
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    Oh! Oops! Newbie mistake lol his initials are ------- I believe he only teaches bio201 and bio202. And whaaaat! A 16 month fast track? Wish they were starting that summer '13. It's really a bummer that we can't apply for the fast track program until our pre-reqs have final grades. I wish I could apply for the Spring '13 program but my pre-reqs don't complete til December. But that's definitely a plus that you wont have to take hcr! Lucky!
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    I know him! He seems nice! Yes you can apply for spring. They don't suggest it but will make an exception if you're completing the last of your sciences. You really need to attend an info session. It will really help! Look into it!
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    What? No way!! Why did my advisor never tell me this?! I haven't attended an info session but have only seen an advisor! Do you know how often they have info sessions? That would be so nice not to wait around a semester to start nursing school if I get in! Thanks for letting me know!
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    Not sure but you can email your advisor for the dates. That would be awesome!

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