NAU Spring 2013 Hopefuls - page 3

Hey everyone. Just wondering if anyone got into any campus (Tucson, Flagstaff or Yuma) for this spring. I'm on the alternate list for both Tucson and Flagstaff.... Read More

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    They will mostly look at your prerequisite grades, especially the sciences. That was my overall college gpa

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    Do the 3 liberal studies courses count towards your pre-req GPA?
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    I don't think so, because I was admitted with those courses in-progress. So I hadn't even received a grade yet for them and I got the acceptance letter.
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    I got into the Flagstaff campus and I am def nervous, especially because I am from California and wont know anyone! Looking for a place to live also.
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    Congrats! Nah, don't be nervous, I'm from CA too, just moved to Tucson in December! You'll be fine! And Flag is an awesome city! If you've never been there before, it's definitely not the Arizona you expect! You'll love it! Go prepared for snow in the winter!
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    You guys already got accepted???? The deadline wasn't until the 15th. Are you talking about Fall 2013 traditional ban program?
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    They're talking about the accelerated program up in Flagstaff! The traditional BSN acceptance letters probably won't come until mid-April.

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