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NAU nursing program or UofA nursing program?

  1. 0 I am currently a pre-nursing student but i'll be able to apply to NAU (Northern Arizona University) by next semester which is Spring 2012. The university that i have in mind since the start is UofA (University of Arizona) but I won't be able to apply until Fall of 2012. I heard UofA has more of the "reputation" in the nursing field than NAU so I am assuming that UofA is better but I also heard that nursing schools are pretty similar so it wouldn't make any different to my background after I graduate.

    Is there anyone knows which school is better and should I wait till Fall 2012 to apply to both schools or should I just go ahead and apply to NAU in Spring 2012 to save me one semester waiting?
    All advice is appreciated!!!
    Thank you!!!
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    They are both state schools and well respected. You won't ever find a company that wouldn't hire you if you went to NAU over UofA, or vice versa. Apply to both and hope for the best. Good luck!
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    thank you very much cindyloowho
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    I would look at more than the schools being state schools. That is no way to make a comparison.

    The UA program is in the top 6% of schools in the country (per US News and World Reports). NAU isn't even in the top 25% of programs. Probably something to consider.

    NAU only offers a BSN and MSN, the UA offers a DNP and PHD program on top of these.

    NAU offers about 50 faculty members, with very few having doctorates. UA has over 90 faculty members and the majority have a doctorate in nursing.
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    How far do you want to go in nursing? If it's a BSN, either place will do. If you want to go further than that, maybe UA is the place for you.

    I must add that I am an NAU alumna and I was recently accepted into nursing at NAU, so I think NAU is just fine for me :-).