NAU Fall 2013 Hopefuls

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    Hey all,

    I just applied to NAU for the Fall semester. I figured I'd start this topic in hopes of meeting others who have applied and we can keep each other company while we wait for letters. Please join in on the conversation if you applied for NAU fall 2013 BSN OR if you're a current student and have pointers for us. Thank you, look forward to meeting some people!

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    Good luck! I'm in my second semester down in Tucson and I absolutely love it. I'm so happy to be in this program. Not that it doesn't have its frustrations, as I'm sure every program does, but overall it's really great.

    Oh, and I got my letter April 20th last year, for those of you obsessively checking your mailbox. Oh, and the letter to admit you to NAU itself comes much sooner than the letter to lt you know if you got into the School of Nursing. Don't confuse them! I got very excited with the NAU letter, thinking I had gotten into the School of Nursing! Nope - had to wait longer for that nice, fat packet to arrive.
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    Hi! I've been waiting to see if someone would make a post on this topic. What campus did you apply to? I'm hoping for Flagstaff, with Tucson as my alternate.
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    Hello! I applied for the fall of 2013 also with Yuma being my first choice and flagstaff as my second. I really hope I get in and want some kind of letter NOW to relive my worrying lol

    I got an 87 on the Kaplan and my prereq gpa is like a 3.7-3.8. I have no idea if this will be ok since I haven't met anyone in the Yuma area applying
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    Hello I also applied to the NAU program here in Flagstaff and Tucson. Does anyone know when the letters will be going out? Also do you guys mind sharing your Kaplan scores and GPA? Thanks. I feel like this is going to be the longest wait ever.
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    Hi - I applied to NAU YUMA for fall 2013. I have a 3.85 gpa and scored an 81 on Kaplan and I am very anxious to see whether or not I am accepted!! Spoke to advisor that said the average for the accepted yuma applicants is a 3.5 and national average for kaplan is 79% so we'll see!!! Good luck to all and hopefully we will find out sooner than later!
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    Nice to meet you all. I applied to the Tucson campus with the Flagstaff campus as my alternate. I have a 3.5 GPA and an 82% on the Kaplan. I figured those numbers gave me a decent chance, but not a great one. However, one of my rec forms was never received. It was sent and everything, but for whatever reason, they never got it. I was told that they will still take my application, but I will get a 0 for that part... I think with that, I lost all chances of getting in this semester... So, I've moved on to work on something else and will be applying again next time. I would say that it's still going to be a couple of weeks on letters though! I'd love to hear some more from all of you, let the time pass quicker for you guys (I've lost all anticipation ha).
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    ^Ah don't give up hope for the semester yet! You may still get it

    Only a couple weeks till we find out guys (hopefully sooner?!)
    Fingers crossed!
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    Hey everyone I spoke to an NAU nursing adviser and he told me that the letters weren't going to go out until 2-3 more weeks :/ I am hopeing it is sooner since a lot of the other Nursing hopefuls for 2013 spring got theirs around this week....
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    What?! Really? Omg I can't wait any longer. I was hoping on this week since on the spring 2012 thread said that they got theirs around the 20th...Did you call NAU nursing?

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