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Hey all, I just applied to NAU for the Fall semester. I figured I'd start this topic in hopes of meeting others who have applied and we can keep each other company while we wait for letters. Please join in on the... Read More

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    With your GPA and Kaplan scores, I really wouldn't stress that much!!

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    Woo no letter today
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    Yeah, I had my mom check the mail, hoping something might possibly be there, but no luck. I really thought we would get them like last week, so much for that I honestly don't think I will get in, I'm already working on my plan B, but I just want to KNOW. The anticipation and wonder is killing me. Really. I try and distract myself and it doesn't work. I look at this thread several times a day, hoping one of you get on here and post about getting a letter. Ahhhhhhh!! Can they just send them out?? Does anyone know what the Kaplan average was for this cycle? I know being below the average disqualifies you, and knowing the average can us "size" up our scores. Last time I asked, they didn't know yet, has anyone asked?
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    WHY can't we have our letters yet?!? It is killing me!
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    ^^^^I got so excited cuz I just saw "letters", I'm on my phone and hadn't zoomed in yet haha. This is taking forever!!!!
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    Just got word NAU sent out the letters today!
    Fingers crossed for everyone!
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    Today as in Saturday??? I hope they sent them out early today and I can get it today (if it came from Tucson, it can possibly make it to my mailbox today. Ahhh, I hope we get them soon! The anticipation is killing me!!!
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    Soah posted that at midnight, so I am taking it as in Friday!
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    The times aren't right... It says I posted at 8:58 pm, but I posted at like 1:45 pm... And it says you posted at 9:15 pm, and you obviously didn't, so idk. Let's hope that was posted last night/Friday!!
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    Ahh. Dang website. Well, fingers crossed for Friday!
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