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Hello Internet, did anyone out there apply to the NAU aBSN for 2013? I never post on these things but we have a long 6 to 8 week wait ahead of us so it seems like a reasonable way to procrastinate.... Read More

  1. by   jl31911
    Congratulations dsb_fam, good to hear!
  2. by   Ckhicks30
    Hey everyone,
    My name is Christine and I am also in the aBSN 2013 program. I am looking forward to meeting all of you in a few weeks! Is anyone else as nervous as I am?
  3. by   dsb_fam
    Hi Christine, I'm Stacey. I am nervous also, and have been trying to get my books, scrubs, etc. all lined out. Have you purchased your books yet?
  4. by   Ckhicks30
    Hey Stacey,
    I purchased some scrubs from the bookstore but I haven't bought anything else yet. I was planning to buy books with financial aid money but it appears that will not disburse until May 28th, so I might need a Plan B!
  5. by   ewilbert
    I'm excited to meet all of you in just a few short weeks! I spoke with ----------------yesterday (she's one of the nursing staff) and she said that we will have plenty of time in the afternoon of the first day to get scrubs, badge and everything else lined out. In fact, I think she even said that someone comes to talk about scrubs...What's everyone doing about books, just buying the ones for the May course? I found them for much less than the bookstore on Amazon if anyone is interested.
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  6. by   jl31911
    Hey all,
    Sounds like you all are getting ready and excited for your year of nursing. For anyone newer on here, I am just finishing up the program you will be starting in a a few short few weeks. Books are cheaper on amazon, and some of them you can even rent on amazon. The bigger text books I kept for reference when working as a nurse. As far as scrubs, someone does talk to you. There is a store (Northland Medical) that sold NAU scrubs, as well the bookstore. I liked the scrubs at Northland better than those at the bookstore. I am assuming that Northland hasn't discontinued selling them over this last year. Also Northland offered embroidering for I believe 5 dollars a scrub for thos who want a perticular brand of scrub. Congratulations and good luck to all of you that will be starting shortly.
  7. by   Ckhicks30
    Hey jl31911,
    Congratulations on finishing the program (well almost!), are there any subjects you wish you had freshened up on before you started your first class?
  8. by   adbnau

    Thank for your posts, it's good to get insight from someone who has already do this. Is there anything you wish you had known before you started or tips that helped you along the way? Also how are the job prospects? Did you make any good connections through the program?
  9. by   dsb_fam
    Counting down!!!!! Can't wait to meet all of you.
  10. by   jl31911
    Thanks, its nice to be done (practically) and it goes by quickly. I don't know that there was really anything I wish I had know more per say, but having a grasp on the basic classes of drugs and pathology is helpful throughout the program. I think the biggest things that helped me through the year was being organized and working with my classmates. During summer and spring schedules get crazy, so being organized and knowing due dates can easily be the difference between grades. Also I found working with my classmates and utilizing study sessions, NCLEX practice groups etc was very helpful in my learning process. Another huge help to my learning process was going to office hours. Not only does it build a report with the teachers that will come in handy at the end of the year when you need recommendation letters and it also helped in my understanding for tests. The teachers want to help you succeed.

    adbnau- job prospects are . . .well that depends on where you are looking. A couple of my classmates have a job lined up, but that is not super common prior to graduation. There are jobs out there, but there are also a lot of new grads out there too. So it is better than it was a year or two ago but it can still take a little to find a job. I made connections actually through people I met in flagstaff, outside the college. Within the nursing program several of my classmates have made connections through their preceptorship. So, yes their is potential to make connections that will help later.

    Good luck to everyone as you start this upcoming fabulously crazy year of nursing. It gets insane at times, but you can do it!
  11. by   dsb_fam
    Hi Lumberjacks! One week left and we will all be sitting in orientation and strapping in for the ride. I am wondering if anyone has rented their books through NAU? Or, as aforementioned did most of you purchase them from Amazon?
  12. by   adbnau
    I just got one as an ebook thought I would try that. I found it at I have rented before but thought I would check out some other options. After getting the first one I think I'll rent or buy used. Their prices to buy or rent are still lower than the NAU bookstore.