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Hello all, I'm looking for people who are in the same boat as me - already applied to NAU's fast track program that starts this summer and are anxiously awaiting news that won't come until the end... Read More

  1. by   chikaddd
    Ptown represent!

    I, too, will be heading down from Portland in May. (Unless OHSU lets me in. I just called today, and we won't hear back from them until mid-April. What a dilemma!)

    I lived in Flag from 2005-2009, so I'm pretty stoked to get back down there. Flagstaff is so awesome- trails, friendly folks, mountains and SUNSHINE! However, the beer isn't nearly as good down there, especially if you're used to Portland's microbrews! I'm planing on bringing some growlers with me.

    I haven't figured out housing yet; I will likely just wing it at first, since I'm still waiting to hear from OHSU. I have some friends I can stay with when I get down there, but ideally I'd love to find a cheap house/apartment on the west side, close to downtown and campus. I'm very mellow and want to have a chill household because this program is very intense, but it'll be great to have some bbqs and beers when we have some downtime. I'm an avid runner and skiier, so would love to meet some active folks who want to check out Flag! Happy to show people around, too. There are some great trails I'm anxious to get back on!

    If any of you want to talk about finding a house together, I'd be into it! I know the area really well, so I can help give input about neighborhoods, transportation, or general questions about Flagstaff, as you are considering your options!

    There is an urban trail system that links the east-west side, if you're planning to bike commute. BUT, it's kind of a hike depending on where you are on the east side. West side is the place to be, just like you'll find in Bend, OR.

    Congrats to all you new Lumberjacks out there!
  2. by   megpearlz
    Hello again everybody,

    I'm moving into my studio apartment this weekend and am super excited to 1) escape the Phoenix heat and 2) to get started on this already! Anybody else going to be ansy like me this week?