Moving to Az, thoughts on the market?

  1. I recently got a divorce and feel like I should come back to AZ. But I'm getting scared, I haven't lived there in 6 years and understand the job market is a lot different now.

    I have been a nurse for 4 years, so I feel like I have adequate experience. I have my BSN and working towards my MSN as we speak. I have endoscopy, med/surg/, and oncology experience.

    Anyone have any insight on the job market? I was told no one will even consider me until I have my license. So mailing out my application today.

    What is the going rate for RNs?

    Just feeling things out.

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   jratclif
    Great questions. I recently moved here and have been trying to find out how to get my license transfered. The state board site has nothing that I can find.
    Maybe someone can answer both our questions.
  4. by   2csmom
    On the BON site it has the application that is printable. Assuming you aren't from COMPACT state, I don't know what you do then . If you want a temporary license you fill out another form and they will mail you the fingerprint card. Seems simple...can take months though.
  5. by   MsBruiser
    As an experienced nurse you shouldn't have as much trouble finding a job as a new grad. Hospitals tend to pay anywhere from $28.00-45.00 an hour. Not too shabby for AZ! With your education you should be quite competitive. The only hitch - AZ made deep, deep Medicaid cuts. How that plays out in the job market I don't know...apply to Mayo. They love BSN/MSN and don't take too much Medicaid. And they are hiring...