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:nurse: I'm planning to move to Arizonia from Michigan:wink2: when I finish my nursing program May 2010:up:. I'm wondering if this move will be worth moving across the country:confused:. How are job... Read More

  1. by   exnavygirl-RN
    I started working for Indian Health Services in Fort Defiance AZ. So far I love it. The summers in this area are pretty mild. We are in the North East on the NM/AZ line. The only thing I do not like is being so far from good shopping. Otherwise my job is great.
  2. by   miteacher
    I was pretty close to that area in a place called Sanders last year, that is where I taught. I think the weather is milder, it snows there as well. I couldn't handle the remoteness of it. I was about 35 miles west of Gallup, NM. I couldn't wait to leave, so I guess the Phoenix area is better.

    I live in the western part of the valley, so maybe that's why the scorpions are bad?
  3. by   RainDreamer
    Quote from Hoozdo
    Hard to believe, but it is a normal occurrence in some parts of the valley. I have lived here almost 50 years and never had a scorpion in the house until I bought my current house. I have lived in this house almost 15 years and the whole neighborhood has them. I am at a base of a mountain. Scorpions like mountains.

    I hear that the Anthem area has many indoor scorpions also. New construction stirs them up.

    Exterminators don't kill them - they just slow them down to a drunken haphazard crawl so you can smash them easier. I couldn't even begin to count the number I have smashed!
    Oh yeah, I see them all the time when I'm hiking, especially South Mountain, I've just never had one in my house.

    I bet the folks in Anthem find tons in their homes, as that's so new up there ..... I remember when NOTHING was even up there, it was "out of town" lol.
  4. by   joycee8
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    Hi Pakie27, im going to take my toefl exam soon but i am not prepare it hard? i would appreciate if you can pm me and give me some tips about taking exam in TOEFL. Thanks!
    Thanks Pakie27! How many weeks should i allocate for my study before taking TOEFL?
  5. by   paintingskies
    I would not be the first person to recommend moving here. I graduated in May, did everything right by "finding a job" standards and went above and beyond certain requirements... and I have yet to find a job. I've tried Yuma and can't get a call back. I've tried Benson hospital, Sierra Vista Regional, Wilcox. Those are the itty bitty hospitals... and I have also done everything I could in Tucson as well. It's slim pickings and difficult to find anything beyond the students already here. Most of our hospitals have their own in-house nursing programs and only hire out of those. We have accelerated BSN programs down here and I recently heard that the August graduates all got let out of their work contracts. That was 39 students. It's ridiculous.
  6. by   thekid
    I left Phoenix right after graduating nursing school about nine years ago, hated Phoenix so badly, hated the heat, traffic, etc. I went on to Colorado, then bay area of California, and then on to Hawaii. After living in snow and fog and expensive cities I now really like Phoenix and find that it is a good place to own a home and make a decent living. Plan to come back to Hawaii in the near future to spend the summer but winter ...Phoenix is great

    are new grads having trouble finding work in hospitals? Wny not try nursing homes and snfs? when I did agency work before i was sent to so many nursing homes..many options available.
  7. by   ToBANurse2010
    Thanks for all that applied to my post, but sad to say that I failed my last med-surg rotation and I have to repeat the course. So I won't be graduating until 2011 now, because I have to wait a year to get back into the program .
  8. by   it's hot in phoenix
    OMG, that is painful, I'm so sorry! Prayers and hugs and the best of luck to you
  9. by   silentRN
    Quote from plastic_cow28
    I feel sorry for those who hate living in Arizona! Wanna trade places?! I went to school there for 4 years and I absolutely loved living in Tucson. I moved back to Colorado so I could have in-state tuition for nursing school, but my heart is still in Tucson, Arizona!

    I can't imagine that Tucson and Phoenix have a lot of nursing jobs available, though; the U of A's accelerated nursing program just cut its slots for nursing students by half because some of the hospitals where new grads get contracted to work at backed out of the program due to the economy.

    However, if you're interested in rural areas, Yuma County has a nursing shortage of 1400. Rural areas are almost always neglected and could use extra help.
    That makes me laugh... I've never heard anyone say they love Tucson. I'm in Tucson right now and the only thing great about it is my job at University Medical Center. Besides that, and the crappy job market, that's the only thing holding me back from moving.
  10. by   quotetheraven
    Jobs are tight here too, all over about the same. So many new grads, so few places wanting to take on the expense of training them. There is a waiting list here too, as far as I was told, one way or another at all the schools. Most of us have waited quite a while. You would be safest to have a job waiting on you, pretty scary to move to a new state, maybe without family or friends near by and not be able to find a job. Good idea to have enough cash in hand to support yourself for at least 6 months if it takes that long to find employment. Or to be able to get back home if things don't work out in AZ for you. That's my mother speech, Good luck to you.
  11. by   aztova
    Tucson is a love or hate city. It is a black hole that keeps sucking you back in. There are a few nice things about the place. I don't plan on going back there to live anytime soon.
  12. by   DesertwindRN
    Wow. I moved from the midwest many years ago and the only regret is that I did not move to Arizona sooner. I love it here.
    The job situation is so very awful but, living in this beautiful state is wonderful. I am so grateful to be here------even in the hottest part of the summer-----