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  1. 0 I applied to the MCCNPs Fall 07 and was just recently placed for Spring 09. Block I starts in a week and a half and I just found out today! I'm so overwhelmed! Does anyone know anything about the Mesa program? What can I expect? How are the instructors? Any info will make me feel better! Thanks !
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    hi sajones022,
    Congrats on getting into the program! I was just wondering what your date/timestamp was for your app. to get an idea of where they are at on the list. I would appreciate it!! & good luck!
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    8:00:43 on Oct 22
    This means that i was around the 43rd person to apply, I think. Hope that helps!!
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    Yay! That helps a lot. Mine is 8:01:29 oct 22nd so hopefully I will be at Mesa CC in fall of 09. Keep us updated on how the program is!
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    Hey jke530,
    You're very close for next in line! That's awesome! I believe you should be able to get your first placement choice for fall. Mesa does take 40-50 sudents each semester so your odds look very good. If you get a last minute phone call for this semester would you take it? ..just curious..your so lucky your so close in line..well good luck!
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    Thanks kmm03! I would definitely start in spring if I got the chance. Maybe we will see each other at mcc in the fall?
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    Hopefully, I'm putting MCC down as my first choice for fall since I live near and go there anyways. My time isnt till 8:05:31 so I might not get my first choice but I'm hoping I will!...If you get a last minute phone call you have to keep us updated on how your first semster is going...If not than I hope to see you at MCC in the fall too!
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    That's what just happened to me! I was totally expecting to get in for the fall, but I got a random phone call the other day saying they had an open spot! So much to do in so little time! I had no idea that we had to be CPR certified! So that has been a bit stressful, but I'm so thankful to finally be in! Good luck to both of you! Hopefully you get in soon!