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First off: Hello All! I am SO happy to have found this forum Ė it has been an invaluable resource and Iíve spent countless hours reading here! Thank you everyone who has contributed their wealth of knowledge here, it is greatly... Read More

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    Yea, you can use precal to replace math 142...that wat I did so I am pretty sure. Elective is any class u want...jus pik one u like or best at n get an A)) no questions are stupid...I knw how it lyk cuz I were once lyk u...ask me anything even after u get in cuz I am pretty sure u will have more than now...Good luck))
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    Quote from JRdaMacman
    Thanks for the helpful info yelnik!

    Quick update: After some workarounds with time zones & some flexibility on the part of April, at GCC, I was successful in applying for this period, before the end of January! Ended up having to scan/email my application, my HESI score, and then had to have my fingerprint ID card re-issued & sent directly to her. She received it the DAY BEFORE the deadline - Talk about close timing!

    So now I hurry up and wait. I should be back in the U.S. this Fall, so I plan to nail out a few prerequisites for the BSN programs, that aren't required for the associates degree (Statistics, etc.), once I return. Upon my return, I also will be doing a lot more in-depth research on what other bachelor's options I might have. (Including possible loan options...) Unfortunately due to my work schedule, accelerated degree plans don't appear to be something possible for me.

    So now that I've been confirmed to have been accepted, should I be looking for anything confirming it, other than the word of the (very helpful) Nursing Advisor at GCC? (I've heard the term "timestamp" thrown around a lot here...)

    Thanks again all of you who have taken the time to help out a confused second-degree-seeking Nursing student!
    Hi! How many months have did it took you to be accepted at GCC? I am planning to apply at their nursing program or AAS in Nursing.
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    "Cliff notes:
    1.) Graduated with BFA but couldn’t get job
    2.) Now working in undesired field with family to support financially
    3.) Has credits from previous degree & pre- / co-req’s for MCC program
    4.) Just applying for MCC which has 2-year wait list
    5.) Should I apply for ASU instead, and get bachelor degree, instead of MCC associate degree?"

    Hello I am currently in the MCC nursing program, scheduled to graduate in May 2012. You have been very misinformed.
    1. MCC does not have a waiting list. Every year starts with a clean slate. Contact the Dean of nursing for more info about this.
    2. If you already have a BFA and you get an ADN you can go straight into a MSN. I only know this because it is the same track that I am on.

    I hope this has been helpful. It seams as though you really need to look closely at your options.
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    Can I ask why you guys are saying to run screaming from private schools? Is it just the financial aspect? I'm looking into GCU, so that's why I'm asking. That's the only private school I would consider.
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    GCU is a private school, but it is accredited and has a good program. Private schools to avoid are the non-accredited like Pima or Chamberlin. $70,000 in debt when you are done and you cannot go on to get a MSN or DPN. They feed off of people who can qualify for huge loans and cannot get into ASU or GCU because of poor grades, or don't want to wait in line for the community college route.

    GCU is a good choice.

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